New Moon Strategy’s Agency Rebrand

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“Your brand’s identity is one of the most important pieces to how your business is perceived.” This quote is taken right from our very own branding service page on our New Moon Strategy website! Branding is a service that we love to offer our clients. Being a part of creating the concept for a business and designing that business’s look and feel is really special. 

Now, we decided at New Moon Strategy that it was time to do a little bit of an agency rebrand for ourselves. What is a rebrand? When a company “rebrands”, they may change their name, logo, mission, products or services, etc. For our rebrand, we didn’t change our name (because we love our name!), but we have shifted our focus and our business in a new direction! Now, we’re sharing what that rebrand looked like. We changed quite a bit about our business:

  • We chose a niche! New Moon Strategy is now a digital marketing agency focused on working with health & wellness businesses!
  • Created a new social media strategy
  • Made major changes to our website design and content
  • Strategized and implemented a new SEO strategy
  • And we are excited to introduce our sister company, New Moon Holistic Life, which is a Holistic Life Coaching practice run by New Moon Strategy’s Chief Operations Officer, Kate!

Our Niche

When New Moon Strategy began, we had decided to work with small business owners. We knew that we wanted to help entrepreneurs and small businesses like ourselves succeed. We wanted to set them up with their digital presence and help them grow! This gave us a great starting point and gave us the opportunity to work with some amazing clients. With our agency growing and us having more freedom for which clients we take, we decided to begin our agency rebrand. We always knew that we wanted to focus on a niche that we are passionate about. This is how we decided that we wanted to work with health and wellness businesses! We want to help these businesses thrive and grow. With everything that has happened in 2020 with COVID, this made it even more clear to us that this is where we need to be. It has been a tough year for many individuals, as well as for small and large businesses. Now more than ever, health and wellness NEEDS to be a priority for everyone, and we want to help be a part of that growth by helping these businesses reach their audiences with our full-service digital marketing solutions. We also want to help entrepreneurs and business owners with their own health and wellness, which brings us to our new sister company, New Moon Holistic Life (more on that later!).

Website & Social Media Updates

After we made the decision to work with the health and wellness niche, we needed our agency rebrand to be reflected in our digital presence. After our rebranding strategy sessions, we decided to update our website and our social media. 

We reworked the home page of our website, using an eye-catching video of our Phases of the Moon Strategy. While we have talked about our unique strategy before in our blog, we did not express it enough on our website! 

We also revised our SEO and content strategy, tailoring it to health and wellness businesses. This included our on-site optimization, which was completely changed to address the market for health & wellness marketing agencies. Our off-site search engine optimization strategy changed as well!

While we’re used to managing social media for our clients, we also had to address our own social media with our agency rebrand. We overhauled our social media strategy to speak to health & wellness businesses and their decision makers. We even have a day dedicated to sharing health and wellness tips for business owners!

Holistic Life Coaching

Now for the really exciting addition to our agency. New Moon is expanding and we are starting a holistic life coaching business, New Moon Holistic Life! Kate, our COO, is a newly certified holistic life coach and has a wealth of knowledge and tips to share on the topic.

Holistic Life Coaching is working with your mind, body, and spirit to be the healthiest and happiest version of ourselves. Holistic life coaching uses holistic techniques and introduces holistic healing modalities such as yoga, meditation, visualization, and more. Life coaching includes goal-setting and helping clients discover self-limiting beliefs to overcome obstacles. 

This new venture is very exciting for many reasons. We want to be able to help our clients and can offer them holistic life coaching services to help them be at their best, which will help them in running their businesses! Also, we fit in with their mission as a health and wellness business, because we understand and have the same mission!

Check back next month for a new article on The Launchpad Blog where we will expand on what New Moon Holistic Life offers and is all about!

New Moon Strategy is so excited to share our agency rebrand process and to begin to follow our passions and work with health and wellness businesses! 

If you’re interested in our branding services – whether you’re branding a new business or looking to refresh your brand’s look, contact us – we’d love to help!

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