A full-service health and fitness marketing agency and a team with more than 20 years of combined experience.

New Moon Strategy was created by two marketers that are passionate about health and wellness. We came together to create a health and fitness marketing agency so that we could help these businesses thrive. Our educational background and Bachelor’s Degrees are in marketing and communications, and it has always been our dream to create our own marketing agency. We have worked with all kinds of clients, from retirement homes to health and wellness companies to financial institutions. While working with these major businesses has continued to expand our knowledge and provided us with great experience, we knew we wanted to work with and build relationships with smaller and different companies and create our own agency.

Having such extensive experience inside of a digital marketing agency and working with big name clients, we also knew that these services were very expensive. In coming together, our goal was to provide the quality of service that you’d get at a large marketing firm for a price that is more reasonably suited to a smaller business.

Our team brings a wide variety of skills and experience, allowing us to offer a full suite of marketing services to our clients. With Kate’s design and project management skills and Jon’s extensive knowledge of SEO, PPC, Analytics, and more - we come together to partner with you and work together as your entire marketing department or as an extension of your existing team.